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Concept: Lígia Soares and Rita Vilhena Co-Creation: Diogo Alvim Video Animation: Mariana Castro Executive Production (Portugal): Máquina Pleasant Executive Production (Netherlands): Baila Louca Co-Production: Rotterdamse Productiehuis Residences: Devir-Capa, Alkantara, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas Sponsors: Malavoadora.porto, GDA - Artists' Rights Management.

Language English Duration 50'

TURNING BACKS is a project that aims to materialize the paradox: we are all included in the exclusion. It is based on a performative installation, which combines voice, text and scenic devices, to orchestrate, from two opposing fronts, two lines of spectators together representing a world where realities are constantly in opposition.

With their backs to each other, the spectators form a kind of choral body commanded by two videos, two light fronts, four sound sources and two scenes.

The two rows of seats have no back and force each spectator to use the back of the other as a backrest. This condition will also be a basis for reflecting that being back to back is after all leaning against someone, and that someone is exactly the person to whom we turn our backs

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