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Started in the context of the Tanzplan residency program at FabrikPotsdam (Germany), “The Postponed Project” is a project in continuity and its presentation consists of a program of several choreographic pieces between 5 and 25 minutes.

Conception|Creation|Interpretation: Abraham Hurtado, Lígia Soares, Vania Rovisco and Thierry Decottignies

Production: Pleasant Machine (Lisbon)| AADK (Berlin)

Our main interest in creating The Postponed Project was to defer verbal interpretation in order to let meaning emerge from the improvised material on its own. For this reason the need to register this material. However, by broadening the concept, we found that by creating a file available to be used and re-used at any time in order to create new pieces, we would be able to create works without having to import themes or ideas external to the original material: everything it could emerge immanently through an organic and progressive maturation of the first studio sessions, and then, from any other point in the process, return to the archive and choose a new starting point or center.

«Caught in an endless loop.» «Disturbing and at the same time fascinating: The Postponed Project on “Fabrik”.

At the fifth repetition of study 6 for pianola by Colon Nancarrow, the first spectator leaves the room. On the sixth rep Abraham Hurtado lets out a poignant scream. A long and sustained “No” that becomes more and more desperate. But the music continues to play unaffected.(…) Four projects were presented to the public over the weekend, among which The Postponed Project, was the most disturbing and fascinating. » Dirk Becker (published in Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten on 17.08.09)

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