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Concept/ Creation/ Performance Lígia Soares and Rita Vilhena Music Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins Production (Portugal) Máquina Pleasant Production (Netherlands) Baila Louca Residencia O Espaço do Tempo Sponsors Lisbon City Council and Prague Theater.

THE LUNG started from an experience of making the body's word intimate, seeking to look at its primordial and necessarily dependent functions: breathing and opposites, pulsation and dialectics.

Through repetition, two women subject language to the organic laws of the body until they merge with it, language also transforms the body and very early on it is difficult to say what started the word or the movement. Backs that speak, words that breathe. Two possible aberrations: language as a merely organic function, or a headless body as a speaking being.

In THE LUNG, the representation of the respiratory system based on the opposition of words is also a possible representation of life through the action of words. In physical terms, the artists started by exposing and observing their naked backs breathing. This image associated with a repetitive movement led to the deformation and objectification of the body, making it a kind of pulsating organ and, then later, speaking.

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