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The Giant Women is a trio formed by Serbian choreographer Dragana Bulut, English artist Gillie Kleiman and Portuguese choreographer and playwright Lígia Soares for their meeting in Vienna on the DanceWeb program in 2008.

This project uses its own title, “The Giant Women Present the Greatest Show in Town”, as a search engine on the expectation of success in contemporary dance, observing the effect this can have on both the audience and the creators of this show.

“The Giant Women Present The Greatest Show in Town is an entertaining performance that promises to be virtuous and penetrating through its beauty which will not lack emotion, show and etcetera… Demonstrating a crucial innovative power in a blind pursuit of contemporaneity, this show it will certainly conquer historical relevance and promises, from the outset, the creation of new paradigms that will bring a new and invigorating perspective to the future of contemporary dance.” The Giant Women

Parody, criticism or tragedy about the race for success, it is up to the spectator to decide.

“This is a show that demonstrates how to create trash from almost everything as quickly as possible, exposing it as a 'problem' or a theory or transposing it into a thought or a movement of the body. And that can still hurt or be something we can laugh about, if we have the time, courage or patience to take a closer look.” Alexander Gerner, Jacaranda - Platform of arts, sciences and politics

Conception|Interpretation: Dragana Bulut, Gillie Kleiman,Lígia Soares

Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanovic

Co-production: Máquina Pleasant and Stanica- Center for Contemporary Dance in Belgrade.

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