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Life today is expressed by its resolution rather than its condition. The human condition itself has changed to a greater search for the end. Ends come in the form of opportunities. Anyone accepts to be married to be happy and not for the marriage itself, a person accepts to work for money and not for the work itself. In each option it is necessary to find its resolution so that it becomes a new story and creates the hope of a new end.

This definition of the ending as a concrete material, part of a research of film endings working solely on these fragments, without referring to any context and without allowing for more than the ending defined.

This sequence of final moments that constitutes the show is continuously lived by the two interpreters who embody all the final situations without ever representing them.

CONCEPTION|PERFORMANCE Lígia Soares and Madalena Silva MUSIC João Lucas ADDITIONAL MUSIC Dead Combo VIDEO Andresa Soares

COSTUMES Tânia Franco PRODUCTION Pleasant Machine CO-PRODUCTION Box Nova – Belém Cultural Center ARTISTIC RESIDENCE O Espaço do Tempo

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