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Following a research on how to create scenic devices inclusive of the spectator's presence, in ROMANCE the device goes through the action of asking directly to say. This request or command simultaneously becomes a point of relationship between the spectator and the performer and also a device for dialogue between the various spectators. Plural voices and perspectives are thus included in a text that reflects on the bankruptcy of the current middle-class discourse in the Western world.

Conception/ Text/ Performance Lígia Soares Music Mariana Ricardo Support to Dramaturgy Miguel Castro Caldas Graphic Design Filipe Pinto Photography Daniel Pinheiro Costume Tânia Afonso and Lígia Soares Production Aplesant Machine Support Mala Voadora, Prague Theater, Primeiras Symptoms Funded by Dgartes- Ministry of Culture

Says you lend me money if I don't get a job. Say you believe I'll pay you later if I fix it. Say you won't let me live on the street dressed like that. Tell me that we are not living here in the typical situation of a left-wing petty bourgeoisie empathizing with the poor. Tell me we're not! It says! Don't deny that you are! (in Romance)


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