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In this project, the characters from Heinrich Von Kleist's essay “About the Puppet Theater” are on stage to relive it - updating or updating themselves, through this incessant search for order in chaos, for chaos in order, of a natural mechanization, a graceful affectation, a conscious innocence and many other paradoxes that definitely distinguish a Man from a Bear.

(…) The Man and the Bear, an intelligent, imaginative, intuitive, absurd, committed spectacle of intellectual honesty, to fulfill what it sets out and to act without superfluous explanations. Believing in the leap without a net, each one contributes to the unfolding of the discourse with the individuality of their body, their talents and their history (…). Helena Simões in JL Jornal de Letras Artes e Ideias nº 1068 September 2011

actor. Diogo Doria; ballet dancer. Sílvia Pinto Coelho; fencer. João Machado; bear. Pedro Núñez
Design|direction: Lígia Soares; Creation|Interpretation: Sílvia Pinto Coelho, Diogo Dória, João Machado, Pedro Núñez.

Scenic space|Image: Andresa Soares; Support for Musical Composition: Diogo Alvim; Production: Máquina Pleasant Co-Production: Theatro Circo de Braga

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