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Concept and artistic coordination: Lígia Soares

Musical and sound composition: João Lucas

Video Editing: Francisco Moreira

Light: Rui Monteiro

Production: Pleasant Machine

Co-production: Dona Maria II National Theater

In spring the bear leaves its hole, the flowers bloom, the young people are happier, the ice creams return to the cafes' chests, the swallows return in flocks, Manuel de Oliveira, António Reis, António Soares and Domingos Carneiro film together a popular reenactment of the Passion of the Christ, Stravinsky dreams of the image of a sacred pagan ritual where wise elders sit in a circle and watch the dance before the death of the girl they are offering as a sacrifice to the god of spring and now it will be time to lead viewers to give voice to Portuguese dramaturgy.

In this proposal, the spectators/visitors are the ones who perform the pieces. Its implementation depends on a kind of scenic interface made up of telepoints and microphones, which allows the interpretation of spoken pieces in a form of direct staging, without rehearsals and without prior knowledge of the text.

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