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After other collaborations as a team, the two authors began to feed each other (perhaps because of their excessive coexistence) with a suspicion of monstrosity.

Equally suspicious of the apathy that surrounds them, fueled mainly by a generalized need for security, they can only believe that somewhere there is something to fear or this need for security would itself be an aberration - The vaguely human existence in a life without a soul, a journey through that limbo that is neither life nor death.

In this space between belief and reason, moved by fear or boredom, the fact is that the step into the unknown is imposed, the leap into the abyss. In response to these signs, the authors decided to create, instead of a project, an omen and, instead of a show, a fair attraction, believing that calling things by their names could eventually break this enchantment.

DESIGN | TEXT | INTERPRETATION Andresa Soares and Lígia Soares

MUSIC João Lucas

COSTUME ANDRESA João Paulo Assunção

LIGIA COSTUME Sara de la Feria

SCENIC SPACE Sara de la Feria

Pleasant Machine PRODUCTION

“The frontier beyond which our human identity disintegrates is drawn within us and we don't know where”. Joseph Gil in Monsters

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