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LA FAMIGLIA proposes to involve all those involved in a great intrigue and parody on the unfathomable motivations that lead each individual, sometimes to perform, sometimes to sit in a theater waiting for something extraordinary. The redesign of a possible world along a path that is measurable in duration and limited by the boundaries of a stage, becomes here the very argument of the project.

It could be said that in this piece, fiction resides only in the fact that it makes the audience believe that it is essential. Since this is really essential, but it is not because, until the arrival of that precious moment when you are sitting in front of a show, it was always and no more than an abstraction, a convention or a kind of alter-ego of the artistic activity. Some entity more or less close, like a father or a grandmother, or more or less distant, like an emigrated cousin, but without a doubt, a relative that we are familiar with, to whom the work also belongs and to whom we now dedicate ourselves or who we emancipate ourselves from.

…a (a)political commentary on the (in)evitability of artistic creation and a proposal to renew its motivations.

Conception|Direction: Lígia Soares

Creation|interpretation: Andresa Soares, Hugo Amaro, Joana Gusmão, Lígia Soares, Pedro Inês/Nuno Lucas and João Lucas Musical and sound composition: João Lucas Assistance: Marta Brito Video direction and editing: Maria Carita Record Video| Edition: Rita Barbosa Production: Máquina Pleasant Co-production: Guimarães 2012- European Capital of Culture

Sponsors: ACCCA, DemiMonde, TerraTreme Filmes, São João National Theater

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