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Text and staging: Lígia Soares Directing assistant: Mia Tomé Interpretation: Lígia Soares, Gonçalo Plácido, Mia Tomé and Rui Pina Coelho Original music: João Lucas with the special participation of Orquestra dos Pequenos Violoncelos from the Lisbon Conservatory Light: Manuel Abrantes Financial support : GDA Foundation Theater Support Program

Creation support: 23 Miles-Ílhavo, Gaivotas Cultural Pole - CML and Primeiras Symptoms

CIVILIZATION approaches theatrical space and representation as elements created to replace ourselves and our action, reflecting on the spectator's passivity.

This issue creates constant analogies and denunciations regarding this passivity towards aspects of the world, and incorporates, through the “actress” character, the vain intention of mobilizing the spectator to leave the representational space, and finally act.

"I leave myself here quietly to contemplate what I can get amidst the chills that distract me and avoid longer thoughts and, therefore, more articulated and therefore more dangerous, because who knows where this space stops thinking can take us.

Activism or depression, one of them we can't get away with.

Because, precisely, it is necessary to keep the human being occupied with their physiological considerations or we will still have to get up from here.”


Lígia Soares (2016) "Civilization"


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