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Andresa Soares and Lígia Soares were born in Lisbon in the same year, on the same day and are sisters.

Much could be said about this fact, but nothing that they cannot dispute as absolute owners of a phenomenon that concerns only them and lives among them - the fact that they share the same time of life, the same place of birth and that they appear to have more similarities than differences.

Drawing borders and defining territories is, for the artists, not only an essential condition for the individual experience built throughout their lives.

In previous collaborations, artists have experienced the potential of simultaneity. After these two works, the artists finally decided to inhabit this borderline previously drawn on stage, assuming an undeniable aspect

CONCEPTION|INTERPRETATION Andresa Soares and Lígia Soares ORIGINAL MUSIC João Lucas INCIDENT MUSIC WA Mozart, LV Beethoven, JS Bach SCENIC SPACE Sara de la Féria COSTUMES João Paulo Assunção MOVEMENT ASSISTANCE Madalena Silva

PRODUCTION Pleasant Machine SUPPORTS Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Franco-Portuguese Institute, CEM,

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